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The three best manga I read Lately...

My number one favourite:


Superior to all others, it's the impossible love story in between the demon queen, and the hero supposed to beat her - WITH A TWIST, yes sirree, the demon queen KNOWS the hero is the Hero, and follows him on his epic journey,, whereas the hero only guesses, and denies the possibility as soon as it comes to mind...

Would you recognize a demon loord if it kept clinging to you, telling you it loves you, and helping you?

A story like no other (and hell, the pics are cool too)

Number two, careful, mature audiences only:

Midnight secretary!

An impossible love story in between a human secretary and her vampire boss! OOOh the bishies, the smiles, the glares...
A real dream come true!

Finally, the third and last one!

Vampire Juuji Kai

Not particularly good, nor fantastic in anyway, Vampire chronicles still seems to attract  a lot of attention... why?

Because NOTHING is as it seems!
The evil king fighting to bring back his queen - yeah right, he wants to kill her... wait, that's not the whole story?
The evil king? Wait a second, isn't he the type to try to avoid deaths of his people at all costs? Why would he kill them? To stop them killing each-other?
Vampire capable of living in sunlight? A human woman who gets power from an ancient curse in order to kill him?
And who is that woman? There have been 50 of them in the last 1000 years?

Interesting tale, with loads of twists, I recommend if you have the mindpower to survive in a world where nothing can help you understand the truth behind anything

Finally, I shall reveal the reason I wrote this post:


Now if that doesn't make you feel like you should update before the apocalypse comes, nothing will!

Valkyria chronicles ch. 1

Hi all,
I transated the chapter one of valkyria chronicles from english to French over the last two days...
57 pages! (downloadable at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EXUFQSAT)
I've also finished making a forum with french subber magic romance: http://magicromance.forumactif.net/forum.htm
I've had a few more weird dreams since then, albeit none that I remember.
My time has started to fill up in such a way that i'm either busy scanlating, watching anime (to sub or to check out for future subbing purposes), spending time playing crisis core at my boyfriends, working, reading fanfiction, on the forum or ironing.
Ironically, I've promised to be the first one of us to post a fanfic on the forum, which means I'll be even busier...
Which is why I haven't been posting recently...
My right wrist and thumb have been twinging on and off over the last few days, and I fear I may have hurt them somehow working. As they are my most important tools right now, I'll avoid doing anything about this until I see a doctor - don't want to lose my job too quickly despite being in a trial period
Gonna go now, I have to get some stuff done before work

Weird dreams

Hello all!

the other day i had this really weird dream where superheroes started competing against each other... I don't remember how exactly, but i ended up out in the garden getting caught into a human sized mousetrap (and i actually thought of it as a rat trap in the dream)...

Please tell me that this dream does not mean I have gotten more and more insane over tha last few months... (But I was so sure I had managed to let go of all my sanity years ago! How did it find me again?!)

Actually, a few other items of interest I may have dreamed of include one piece characters appearing in war torn gallia (of valkyria chronicles)...

Now I really think I am mentally disturbed!

On the other hand, the dreams about clocks, I do understand - I have always been deathly afraid of being late, no thanks to my sister who as a rule must always be as late as possible, of course.

OK, on a more positive note, I have been keeping active in my daily life, helping out for the creation of a forum (in french) with a friend who does some fansubbing (in french too)
See below for the forum address
see below for the blog address:
I hope we get loads of visitors once we've publicized the forum a bit (though preferably only visitors who actually watch or want to watch magicromances subs)

She does skip beat, hanasakeru seishonen, gokujou mecha motte linchou, valkyria chronicles, and saiunkoku monogatari, on a more or less regular basis, and tends to keep up with the raw version of the anime pretty well.

see you soon for more disturbing insite on my mental status
Yes, this means I'll be watching you, and if you're not paranoid yet, then you should be!

Best regards

I finally have a job

I am now the proud owner of two mc donalds uniforms , where i work every day from wednesday to sunday.
Yes, it's fun, i have learned to flip burgers pretty well (any royal sandwich as well as the M and the big tasty are no secret to me)
Idon't really have much to say today, as I have not formed any opinions on anything much since last time.
Work is fun, and as long as i'm paid i'm happy.
The latest chapter of skip beat! seems like a lot of fanservice, but it is also strangely captivating, so that's pretty good.
Anime wise i recommend Saki (the mahjong player) and Tales of Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles.
Home life wise... my father apparently just twisted his arm. As he is supposed to be travelling on wednesday, I find this ironic - plus it's the right one.
Boyfriend wise, all goes well.
Friend wise, I have had news from both Magali and Quiterie over the last few days, will need to contact alexia and Iris if I ever get the time...
I even gave some friends some English lessons (yippie!)
Colleagues? Who is asking about colleagues? Half of them have been there for years, the other half are quitting left and right. I hope I join the first half (despite only remembering 4 names)
Well, see you next time!

On the benefits of having a livejournal

I've learned quite a few things since I started this log book.
The ship has set sail, and we're all in this boat together.
Writing things down has what i like to call the penseive effect (effectively draining the power those things have all over you for instance) as well as the added bonus of helping you sort through your own ideas.

Yes, I LEARNED the above. I already sort of had the vague impression writing was soothing, but had never gone further than that thought.
Plus it's the best way I've ever found to rant at everybody and anybody for anything without having to deal with any logical argumentation against every single thing I rant about...

Until AFTER I've ranted of course, when all these (not-so-)bothersome comments start coming in.

Plus it's the best way I've found to communicate without constant interruptions.

Except by the dog who is currently devising a way to get his bone out of my bin... but that is not important.

I've also learned that only those people that know you really ever visit and or comment, which is sort of good, but sort of disappointing as well...

Wait a second! he got his bone out! Bravo dog! Time for me to play basket ball again!
Oh well, so long as he doesn't come back on the bed with it... I suppose...

Back to the subject at hand, I suppose to have people comment, I should be putting pictures %cough dag cough% online or fanfiction  %cough claud, cough% but then again these would only get two people WHO ALREADY comment to comment...
Or maybe I should upload episodes of an anime or something - that usually gets people to look at your blog - though I feel that makes it less of a personal thing and more of a 'what I would or wouldn't do for others' thing
Yes, those things exist...

On the other hand, I suppose I would appreciate it less if lots of people started commenting on my posts without rhyme nor reason - I'd probably be unable to sleep at night due to the mystery of it.
Or not

Dog's finished the bone is currently sniffing around for the next one -which has been locked out of the room - kind of funny as I hardly ever saw him hunting before...



Ah, the pains of jobseeking - not only do people expect you to spend your whole time writing cvs, letter of motivations or applying for concours to enter some government or other, they expect you to pay for it!
And even IF you somehow manage to get A job interview, the chances of getting the job nowadays are quite low - I mean look at the experiences - and sometimes more qualified - people who have been losing their jobs in the current socio-economic context.

My Idea of a decent letter of motivation is as follows

"Dear Sir/Madam,
I am XYZ ABCD. I am a bilingual bachelor, and would like to apply for a job within your company.

Why your company? Because I think we need each other somehow or other

Why would you choose me? Because I'm exceptional somehow or another, and am confident I can work well with your company. I have the following qualities.

I hope to receive a favorable response soon.

Thanking you in advance,
                                     XYZ ABCD"

Of course, this is a summarized version - and in the wrong language since I'm applying in France, but I feel it is sort of OK.

The problem with my jobseeking is, I think, my interviews. I either get too at ease, or don't know how to respond to a question.
"Are you confident that you can do this" 'I've never done it before, but I think I can'... maybe I should just say I am...
"Don't you feel this job is beneath your study level?" 'I have to start somewhere' %I really wish I could add 'you old hag' to that one!%

The worst of it is, that I don't like to talk with people about this because I've always hated DEPENDING on others to sort out my problems for me.

Heavens, the only support I allow and/or demand from my parents is moral support - as in being there every step of the way but not doing anything... And maybe I should stop that too...

I'll do some research on the different types of funds I can get as a non worker... maybe moving out from my parents home would motivate me more...
I don't know...

Anyhow, I feel my ramblings are at least good for calming me down, if nothing else...
see you next time, bloggies!


anime review - in French

J'ai regardé le premier épisode en  raw de hana-seishonen ... c'est pas mal, j'attends encore un ou deux épisodes avant de me décider.
J'ai aussi regardé les premiers épisodes de quelques autres séries dont Saki (pas mal, mais faut aimer le mahjong - moi j'aime bien tous les jeux de réflexion/stratégie), senjou no valkyria - gallian chronicles (tiré d'un superbe jeu vidéo sur ps3 que j'ai adoré - le premier épisode est plein d'humour), Asura  cryin' (intéressant au début - je ne suis pas très sûre d'aimer le genre mecha / je réserve mon jugement), K-on (j'était quelque peu déçue - ça m'a paru trop 'fait et refait' - aucune originalité), et DBZ Kai (dbz remasterizé sans les fillers - parce que mon copain aime les dragon ball)
Comme tu le vois, j'ai un avi assez arrétè qui se limite à:
1) je vais tous les regarder j'aime bien ou j'adore
2) je réserve mon jugement - peu sure du développement / du style ou type d'anime
3) je m'en passerai
quite a big title, that, isn't it...
Maybe I should shorten it to O PC PVP P LJ...
Or not
Too many Ps for me there, I must say... And the J seems out of place...
anyhow, back to the matter at hand

Public posting = good - anybody can see, comment, appreciate your genius, and flame your stupidity...
Wait a second, this sounds like the opinion any fanfiction author would have about having reviewers on fanfiction.net...
Better rephrase
When someone sees a public post done by YOU (actually, this only works for me - I'M the only genius around here) they know they're looking at a post made by some super intelligent nice everyday sadistic girl - in other words, they are comprehending and learning from the words of a genius.

Yeah, that sounds about right - except not, most plebeians might be too self absorbed to understand anyone elses genius... Really, the state of the world today...

Private posting on the other hand ensures a worthy exchange of words in between two people of similar intelligence (or %gasp% friends) meaning, debate, evolution and so on... if you have friends to discuss and debate with of course...
It also allows you to put your deepest darkest secrets online for the world - and you yourself - - and anyone in possession of your password  -  to see.

Scary concept.
Really, public posting is better, you can be as bratty as you want, delete any flames, and you sometimes get an intellectually stimulating comment...

Note the sometimes

Well, see you next time on my (hopefully daily- and probably skip beat related) rant!


Skip beat! Clueless Kyoko?!

I've been meaning to post this in a forum for yonks, but I just haven't had the courage.

I doubt any of you had realised, but Kyoko isn't as clueless as we think she is... She is just in a lot of denial because she feels she can no longer love OR be loved.

On multiple occasions she notices Tsuruga-san looking at her weirdly or acting unusually and wonders about it. She notices these things but because she is scared of love, she dismisses the idea.

My favourite example is when Tsuruga-san is finally acting a correct Katsuki with momose-san (after the anime ends - Yes, yes, I know- terrible ending that was!) and she wonders about his smile (is it possible that Tsuruga-san...?)

She will also wonder about her own feelings and many other things. You'll notice that she is easily distracted (as she was when Tsuruga-san asked her about Kyoto) but sometimes remembers multiple chapters later.

I feel that one of these days it would be a good thing for me to do a post about all the clues that she was given (and she was given quite a few). From the amount of clues, we can say that she is  pretty clueless, but I don't really agree.

Kyoko is simply too stubborn to do anything else...

Skip Beat!

Now for the long (yeah right) awaited (well I'm not so sure) opinions and ideas on skip beat!

This post is about the anime:

Season one finished 7 hours ago with all the fans wanting to strangle the animators.
Yes, the ending was NOT good. They spent too much time on useless moments, added a silly bit about wishing upon a stone (a star I could understand, but a stone!) and ended up leaving an ending so OPEN, it's a surprise it's even considered an ending.

The direction of the anime was always centered around two characters, but at the end all the other characters took up the most time.

And what's with making a character appear for five seconds in the ending when they refused to animate the original appearance of said character?

Anyhow, I'm beginning to sound like my sister on a zelda rampage... This is bad.

I translated the episode into french, for a friend who does the subbing, and offered to translate any future series she may be interested in (if I like it of course).

The manga is much better than the series because it is much more down to earth than anything else I've read...

No, don't look at me like that.
I'm not stupid, stop thinking it!

Have you seen the amount of shoujo manga where female character A can't choose between male characters B and C who are both in love with her?

Well skip beat isn't one of them. Female character A can no longer love because male character B hurt her feelings - didn't love her back. Enter male character C who originally hates her, then slowly learns to love her. You therefore get the following triangle:
C loves A who hates B

The twist comes when B starts to like A back - he decides he wants to keep his place in her heart and so makes sure she continues to hate him. As long as she thinks of him everyday, he will be happy.

C himself does not think he should be allowed to fall in love, and feels that fate wants A and B to end up together, but he can't help but to want a place in A's heart. They are vying for attention, but not in the normal shoujo manga way, which is what makes this manga so wonderful.

As you can see, development of the story here on out will become very interesting, especially as we learn different sides of the personalities of the three main characters.

The manga goes much further than the anime because it allows much more interaction between the characters, and it hints much less at a specific couple. Thoughts also have more presence in the manga.

Love me!
I'm out!